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Faze vaporizer pens
Faze Vapor has redesigned the e-cigarette. Our hexagonal cylinder will not roll around on a table. Our “pass thru technology” allows you to use your vaporizer pen while it is charging, something other pens cannot accomplish. All of our premium e liquid is manufactured here in the U.S.A. in FDA registered laboratories. 

All About Faze Vapor

Introducing FAZE Vaporizers - the best and most consistent experience with electronic cigarettes or e-hookahs. A perfect hit, more vapor, and a large variety of flavors to indulge your customer's taste.

Our personal vaporizers continue to raise the bar on industry standards. We have many standard features, such as our micro USB charging port and 510 connection between the battery and clearomizer. However, we’ve also improved upon others’ designs. While traditional e-cigarettes use a single coil, our vape pens have two coils for enhanced vapor production and delivery.

Because of our superior technology, Faze Vapor e-cigs are the perfect choice for those new to vaping. Check out our e-cigarette starter kits for all the equipment you need to start vaping. Next, choose one of our e liquid choices. If you still have questions about vape pens or Faze Vapor in particular, check out our FAQ page or contact us directly with your question.